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Enhancing Entrepreneurial Mindset among Academia

By August 20, 2018 August 21st, 2018 News

20 August, 2018 – Entrepreneurial Leaders Programme (ELP) Series 3 was held from 11 August to 17 August 2018 at Tenera Hotel, Bangi, Selangor.

Four representatives from Universiti Teknologi Malaysia (UTM) were chosen to participate in the programme which was organised by Ministry of Education, Malaysia. UTM was represented by Dr. Md Afendi M Yusuf, Dr. Yong Ee Ling, Dr. Hadafi Fitri Mohd Latip and Dr. Normal Binti Mat Jusoh. The main purpose of the programme was to enhance the entrepreneurial knowledge among academia. This would ensure them to have the right information and knowledge to assist the progression of entrepreneurial culture in UTM as well as to cultivate the entrepreneurial mindset among staff and students.

One of activities done during the programme.

Participants were brainstorming their ideas.

Deputy Minister of Education, YB Teo Nie Ching, presented a certificate to one of the participants.

“Entrepreneurial leaders programme (ELP) is all about know what you customer wants and put yourself in their shoes. We need to understand the current reality, future vision, the barriers and who we can work with.

I feel, it is important to understand and adopt a mindset as an entrepreneurial leader for our institution projects development in becoming a more entrepreneurial organisation. It is allow organisations to cope with rapidly changing environments,” Dr Normal Mat Jusoh from Azman Hashim International Business School (AHIBS).

For Dr Yong Ee Ling, ELP was an exciting event that brings out the best of her. “It was about a program of growing yourself prior to growing others, an important traits that all leaders should have. It taught us a lot of know-how in bringing out the best in a team and also to pull the team together moving towards a common goal. Only then much work can be accomplished regardless of challenges once all understand and shared the same values.” She said.

UTM XCITE on behalf of UTM would like to thank the Ministry of Education Malaysia for the opportunity and all the representatives for their support and cooperation.