‘‘Since a substantial portion of the world’s population is actively using Facebook, “Who isn’t Facebook’s target market?” may be an easier question to answer (Investopedia, 2019).According to the Facebook’s website, there are an average of 2.5 billion active users globally on monthly basis, of fourth quarter of 2019”. Click on to the videos to learn more on coming up with effective Facebook content and marketing effort……

1. Creating Facebook page

– Differentiate between Facebook Profile, Group and Page. Entrepreneurs will also be able to set up a Facebook page.

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2. Advertising Strategies

– The importance of objective setting and the marketing strategies that follow suit

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3. Creating Facebook Ads

– Advertise on Facebook

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4. Facebook Insights

– Extract data from Facebook Insights and convert it into meaningful information correspondingly plan out or revise their Facebook content and marketing effort

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5. Split Test

– Identify the different contributing factors to make future marketing campaigns more efficient

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6. Facebook Store

– Know the basics of Facebook Store

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7. Policies 

– Make informed decisions of their activates on facebook as guided by policies

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8. WhatsApp for Business 

– Use WhatsApp for Business 

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