HF Robotics

HF Robotics was officially established in 1 March 2019. This company started by selling the Educational Robotics sets through online shop such as Shoppe, Lazada, Ebay, Mudah.my and Lelong.my.Their main business is on selling the Educational Robotics sets such as Arduino Learning Kit, Tuah Bot 1.0, Tuah Bot 2.0 (mini version) and EuReqa Bot. HF Robotics also doing robot rental, D.I.Y Printed Circuit Board (PCB) fabrication, Research and Development (R&D) project and robotics workshop.

This company was established as a response to the government to engage in small and medium-sized businesses among the Bumiputra to compete with each other in Malaysia market. Believing that the economy is getting stronger and stronger has become one of the core inspirations to this business and to this company. In addition, with some help from the acquaintances who specializes in business also helped us to develop this business.

Next, the main factor why HF Robotics was set up is to provide employment opportunities to the youths and to increase the income of the youths of Malaysia. This is because the percentage of youth and graduates who are unemployed are rising because of no working experience and conditions are too tight to work. Other than that, HF Robotics also want to introducing the robotic world to youths, so they are more vulnerable to the world of robotics technology and reach the industry target of 4.0.

Now, HF Robotics acts as a supplier and wholesaler who buy and selling the Educational Robotics sets such as Arduino Learning Kit, Tuah Bot 1.0 and EuReqa. This company is still continuing to expand its target audience since this field of business is very worthwhile.

Website: www.hfrobotics.com.my
Facebook page: HF ROBOTICS
Office Location: S44, B-101-11, UTM Centre for Student Innovation and Technology Entrepreneurship, Universiti Teknologi Malaysia, 81310 Johor Bahru, Johor