RunCloud is a development tool for web developer to simplify the process of configuring, setting up cloud server and deployment of web applications.

It focuses on optimization, security and user experience to enable easy, hassle-free web server management and application deployment.

Arif Thukiman (CEO), Fikri and Amir have attended Wealth Creation Lab 2015 and mentored by UTM XCITE ever since. They won 3rd place in the MEA Award 2015

Charby Sdn Bhd is a technology company based in Johor Bahru that designs and innovates smartphone charging accessories. Charby Sdn Bhd was founded in 2017 with the aim to improve the way people charge their devices through continuous innovation.

Charby is the finalist for Outstanding Graduate Enterprise at MEA Award 2017

Developing virtual reality solutions for real-estate developers to help showcase their projects and to expand their market reach. VRgini is a platform which offers everyone a simple and smart way to create VR solutions, making it accessible to anyone anywhere and anytime.

Alas and Wahab attended Startup Weekend Johor Bahru @ UTM in 2016 organized by UTM XCITE
Exar Technologies

Exar Technologies is a data-driven digital agency that helps SME with creative and strategic marketing. Exar Technologies transforms from zero augmented reality knowledge to currently being a Snapchat Creative Partner.

Eswaran Mohan participated in Cloud Marvel Hackathon program organized by UTM XCITE in 2017.

Edu/AR has won several awards nationally including 4th prize winner in MTDC Business Challenge 2018, second place in Global Startup Weekend Melaka 2018, and first prize in Business Pitching Competition of Corporate Director Training Program (CDTP) 2018. They have been selected to undergo intensive accelerator program with MTDC to strengthen and commercialize their product. Edu/AR is founded by Tong Xin Jo and Farah Zaini

Both of them are actively involved in activities organized by UTM XCITE such as Wealth Creation Lab (WCL) and Startup Weekend. Tong Xin Jo was a leader for organizing committee of Startup Weekend JB @UTM for two consecutive years while Farah Zaini was also part of the committee.
HF Robotics

HF Robotics core business is the Educational Robotics sets such as Arduino Learning Kit, Tuah Bot 1.0, Tuah Bot 2.0 (mini version) and EuReqa Bot. HF Robotics also doing robot rental, D.I.Y Printed Circuit Board (PCB) fabrication, Research and Development (R&D) project and organized robotics workshop.

HF Robotics were founded by one UTM School of Electrical Engineering students, Muhammad Hafiz Faizal, who have passions to become the next technopreneurs.