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TEDxUTM2020: Theory X – Inspiring New Ideas

By March 7, 2020 March 17th, 2020 News

Skudai, 7 March 2020 – TEDxUTM2020, powered by UTM Centre for Student Innovation and Technology Entrepreneurship (UTM XCITE) was recently held at the Sultan Ibrahim Chancellery Building, Universiti Teknologi Malaysia (UTM). In its fourth year running since 2017, TEDxUTM2020 wants to spread message through it theme, ‘Theory X’.

X, often known as an unknown yet to be discovered, viewed by TEDxUTM2020 as boundless prospect to be explored, symbolized by two crossing lines. Those single lines have been pulled to cross each other that metaphorically means people with the same energy and positive purposes will be pulled together and meet one another anytime and anywhere. Although humans are set apart by their own mind and thoughts, TEDxUTM2020 believes that every individual has their unique story to share. This was the message in which TEDxUTM2020 want to convey to the public.

Extending their original intention to bring in ideas worth spreading to local community, TEDxUTM2020 had invited photography artist Keda.Z, clinical psychologist Dr. Chua Sook Ning and Gary Yap, founder of MYReaders Alex Lim, lecturer and strategist Dr. Helen Tan Sui Hong, action stunt woman Germaine Yeap, author Zamir Mohyedin, neuro-linguistic programming master coach Myke Celis, entrepreneur Wythe See Yuan Feng, actress Koe Yeet, model Azfar Firdaus and lastly, founder of ShaShinKi.com Dr. Koh Kho King.

TEDxUTM is an annual event of UTM since 2017. In addition to sharing sessions by the 12 invited speakers as the highlights of the event, there were also merchandise booth selling products, photobooth, board game, claw machine, VR station, drone flying station, barista workshop and korean flower arrangement workshop which had attracted a lot of students to come over.

Photo session with the speakers

One of the accomplishment for TEDxUTM2020 was that they had successfully managed to invite Kapten Buehbossa as a special guest to perform magic bubble show inside the hall, which had never been done in previous TEDxUTM event. A lot of UTM performers had been invited such as Losting Music Club in collaboration with Kapten Buehbossa, Wushu Club in collaboration with 24 Festive Drums, Flying Dance Studio (FDS) in collaboration with Freedom Dance Crew (FDC) and these performances were indeed eye-catching and won thunderous applause from the audiences.

Activities held inconjunction with TEDxUTM2020

According to the director of TEDxUTM2020, Lim Meng Kei, the committees consist of a total of 38 students from various schools. The whole team has spent for around a year in planning the event to make sure everything run smoothly. Throughout the whole process, she said the most challenging part was raising funds. She also revealed that the tickets were sold out within 45 minutes. Even though there were many who still wanted to buy the tickets, the committee were not able to open more tickets due to limitation set, which according to the TED regulations, the number of attendees for each TED event either 100 seats or 1000 seats. At present, the number of attendees for TEDxUTM is limited to 100. “We hope to move on to thousand in the future,” said Lim Meng Kei.